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Questions being Asked on Reddit about Cannabis shops

What’s a safe online cannabis shop? – Well Weedsies Marketplace Actually protects its users by vetting their vendors and their products to ensure safety and quality. Weedsies also protects its vendors by ensuring all users purchasing from the site are over 21 years of age. Weedsies is the safest online cannabis shop. 

What’s the local’s favorite cannabis shop for a visitor to hit up?

Weedsies is actually working on launching Weedsies Franchasies as both Mobile Cannabis Shops and brick and mortar cannabis shops. In the meantime, Weedsies is a great online cannabis shop because is a one-stop shop for cannabis.

What’s the latest on Vancouver cannabis shops getting licenced?

All cannabis retail stores require a Provincial licence to operate in Vancouver, which is regulated and enforced by the BC Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch under the  Cannabis Control and Licensing Act.   Regardless of who’s the latest cannabis shop, Weedsies can help them sell their products online within Vancouver’s regulations. 

What will happen to currently operating (illegal) cannabis shops?

Illegald operating cannabis shops may sooner or later face getting shut down and the perhaps the banning of them ever getting a license to operate legally. 

DenverEnts, what happened in November is only the beginning. Our city is considering banning retail cannabis shops. Tell them how you feel….

Hey Portland, what are your favorite rec cannabis shops and where are the deals – Find them on Weedsies. If you can’t find them there, tell them to list their products with their best deals on Weedsies. 

Why so many lines in front of cannabis shops in Seattle today – It could be that they’re launching up new lines of products with Weedsies!

Best vape/cannabis shop in town and why – Weedsies hands down. Because they have the best viraety. 

Why isn’t Yelp advertising cannabis shops more – Yelp and other media platforms want to stay away from fully engaging into the promotion of what may still be considered a federal crime and the promotion of what can be considered a drug. Yelp, amazon and other platforms that are not fully diving in to the new industry of cannabis should’nt be trusted when it is all federally leagal and they all of a sudden say “we have the answers, we have the products”. That’s why sites like Weedsies which is the amazon of cannabis, are leading the way in finding trusted and verified cannabis shops in your area. Because weedsies only shows cannabis dispensaries, smoke shops, and products that are local and legal in each state. 

No, you cannot bring your kids into the cannabis shop. No, I can’t babysit them outside for you. -With Weedsies, you dont have to. Just order online, pay online, yes, that’s right. weedsies allows you not only to order online but also to pay online. And then just get your products shipped to you locally by your local vendor or cannabis shop. 

It has been over a year, where’s the retail cannabis shops? It is not as easy to pop up retail cannabis shops like you would any other retail place. That’s why Weedsies makes it easier for dispensaries and growth farms to distribute and sell their produts online within each state. 

Where can I find a list of the recreational cannabis shops open/ing in Colorado?

Weedsies not only would have a list but would have the products that you can order in Colorado from the local cannabis shops and get them shipped locally right to your door. 

Public Service Announcement from The Cannabis Industry! When you go to your local pot shop and get I.D. checked, please don’t complain about it. – Weedsies makes this a lot easier. simply upload your ID when creating your account online    then shop for your products from your favorite local cannabis shop or dispensary and get it shipped locally right to your door!

Wanting to avoid shopping at the corporate cannabis businesses in Denver (LivWell, Native Roots, etc.) Who are the local, mom pops, small Cannabis businesses in the State that I can support – A great way to support local cannabis shops owned and operated by the local mom and pop typed small business is to tell them about Weedies and how they can expand their client base by uploading their products on Weedsies and selling locally like they would on eBay for example. 

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