The Sunset Sour Strain is 100% Authentic to its identity! Sweet and Sour notes alongside a Herby Kick to help you run around town & get whatever you want done! Sunset Sour is a Sativa making it the right choice for the daytime user, or night if the giggles & want to communicate is your thing! 

Infused Liquid Diamonds + CBG Kief + Live Resin 

Flavor Profile: Orange Zest, Berries, Spicy Zest, Herby Kick 

Strain: Sativa (1.5 g )

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We are the Loud Pack Boyz, a local company with a global reach! 

It’s up to you to decide how you want to use hemp. Whether you use it as medicine, for wellness, or recreational purposes, ours is to ensure that you never run out of the quality stuff.

We are a premium hemp product brand dedicated to creating products of the highest quality and levels of integrity. We do not cut corners or make products that we wouldn’t use ourselves. We are big on quality hemp experience and would want to share what we know with you.

We are based in Miami, where we have built a consumer-friendly hemp product company with a focus on quality lifestyle experiences through our innovations. Our approach is to provide the world with cutting edge hemp products that meet even the hardest critic.

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