What Makes Weedsies Different from Weedmaps?

What Makes Weedsies Different from Weedmaps?

Have you ever heard of Weedsies? It’s a new cannabis delivery marketplace that’s taking the industry by storm. They make it super easy to find and order weed from dispensaries nearby, all while offering more features than other apps like Weedmaps or Eaze. So what makes Weedsies different from these popular cannabis apps? Let’s take a look.


Searching for Dispensaries Near Me?

Weedsies makes searching for local dispensaries easy thanks to their “find your dispensary” feature. Unlike Weedmaps or Eaze, which require you to search for dispensaries within a certain radius of your location, Weedsies will show you all the available dispensaries near you in one convenient list. This makes finding and ordering from your local dispensary faster and easier than ever before.


Ordering Online with Weedsies

Once you find the dispensary of your choice on Weedsies, ordering online is a breeze. While both Weedmaps and Eaze offer online ordering capabilities, they both require you to enter your payment information every time you place an order — making the process somewhat tedious. With Weedsies, however, you can store your payment information so that placing orders is as easy as clicking a button. Plus, they also offer special discounts and promotions that make saving money easier than ever before!


On-Demand Delivery Service

Finally, one of the best things about using Weedsies is their on-demand delivery service. With this service, users are able to get their marijuana delivered directly to their doorsteps whenever they want it — no matter where they live! This feature sets them apart from both Weedmaps and Eaze who don't yet provide an on-demand delivery option for users in certain parts of the country.


Weedsies is trailblazing in the cannabis industry with its innovative features that make finding and ordering weed easier than ever before. From their “find your dispensary” feature that allows users to quickly locate local dispensaries near them to their on-demand delivery service which allows users to get marijuana delivered right to their doorsteps — there’s no denying that Weedsies is changing the way people consume cannabis today! So if you haven’t already tried it out yourself, what are you waiting for? Download the app now and experience cannabis shopping like never before!