What inspired Weedsies

My name is Henry Calix, and in 2020, I started a company called Weedsies. My inspiration for Weedsies was actually Jeff Bezos in 1995 trying to start an online marketplace for books. He's like, I'm going to sell books online at a time where there was a Barnes and Nobles like there are Starbucks today, you know, bookstores in every corner of the country. And people are used to going to the bookstore and reading books and they're taking them home to read. At a time where people are skeptical of using their credit cards on the internet.

So I'm saying I'm gonna sell cannabis online and people are going to pay with cryptocurrency at a time where people are skeptical of using cryptocurrency. So I knew the solution was to create an online marketplace that will comply with both state and federal regulations. In order to unite everyone into one platform, we incorporated the three sectors of the industry: CBD, Hemp, an actual cannabis, and on 4/20 of 2021. We took the online experience and just like an ice cream truck, we filled the weedsies mobile trucks with the goodies from our vendors online. We brought it to the streets of Miami and we're literally bringing the cannabis industry to everyone's fingertips. I'm really excited for Weedsies' future. We're rolling out with Weedsies vending machines, Weedsies subscription boxes, Weedsies cryptocurrency, and even an online marketplace where vendors will be able to design, Mint and sell their own cannabis related NFT's to further promote their brands and products. 

So if you guys want to keep up with all the amazing things a Weedsies is doing, follow us on our YouTube Channel and on all our social media: @weedsies!

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Tropicana Weed Strain