The Tropicana Cookies Weed Strain

The Tropicana Cookies Weed Strain

All you need to know about the weed strain known as Tropicana Cookies!


Tropicana Cookies is a hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing GSC and Wookies. As such, it leans more toward the indica side, with a 60/40 split. However, don’t let that fool you – this strain can still pack a pretty hefty punch. The THC content of Tropicana Cookies has been measured at up to 26%, making it one of the more potent strains out there. Nevertheless, it’s still a great choice for novice smokers or those with a lower tolerance.


Appearance and Aroma

Tropicana Cookies got its name from its appearance and aroma, which are reminiscent of tropical fruits like oranges and mangoes. The buds are dense and sticky, covered in orange pistils and sparkling trichomes. When ground up, the buds give off a strong citrusy smell with hints of earthiness. When smoked, the taste is sweet and fruity with a creamy aftertaste. 


Effects and Uses

The effects of Tropicana Cookies are fairly well-balanced, making it a good choice for those looking for a versatile strain. The high begins with uplifting cerebral effects that boost your mood and leave you feeling happy and relaxed. This is followed by alleviate stress without putting you to sleep – perfect for those days when you just need to unwind without completely zoning out. Additionally, the munchies are real with this strain, so make sure to have some snacks on hand! Finally, Tropicana Cookies can also be used to help relieve pain thanks to its indica effects.  And because it’s not overly sedative, it can be smoked any time of day without disrupting your schedule. 


Possible Negative Side Effects

Like all strains of marijuana, Tropicana Cookies can cause some negative side effects including dry mouth and dry eyes. It can also cause dizziness or Anxiety in novice smokers or those with a low tolerance. However, these side effects are typically mild and disappear soon after smoking. 


Overall, Tropicana Cookies is a fantastic choice for those looking for an uplifting yet relaxing high that can be enjoyed any time of day. Its balanced effects make it versatile enough for both recreational and medicinal users alike. So if you’re looking for a delicious new strain to add to your rotation, look no further than Tropicana Cookies!

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