The Lowdown on Cannabis in New York

The Lowdown on Cannabis in New York


New York is a state with a long and varied history when it comes to cannabis. For many years, cannabis was strictly prohibited and heavily penalized. However, in recent years there have been some major changes to the laws surrounding cannabis, and it is now possible to purchase and consume cannabis legally in New York state. Here's everything you need to know about cannabis in New York.


Can You Legally Purchase Cannabis in New York?

Yes, you can legally purchase cannabis in New York state. However, there are only a handful of dispensaries that are currently operational, and they are located in specific areas of the state. The most notable dispensary is located in Manhattan's Time Warner Center.


Can You Smoke Cannabis Freely in Public in New York? 

No, you cannot smoke cannabis freely in public in New York state. smoking cannabis is only allowed in private residences. Additionally, smoking cannabis is not allowed in any public spaces, such as parks, restaurants, bars, etc. If you are caught smoking cannabis in public, you may be subject to a fine.


How Can Tourists Know What to Do and How to Get Cannabis in New York? 

The best way for tourists to know what to do and how to get cannabis in New York is to consult with a reputable dispensary prior to arrival. This will ensure that you are able to purchase cannabis legally and safely while in New York state.


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