Why 21+ Only?

Because Weedsies cares about the safety of minors

How Weedsies Protects Minors under 21

At Weedsies, we believe in the protection of minors. In order to protect minors, Weedsies requires to have users verify their identity and that they are over 21 years of age when purchasing CBD, Hemp or Cannabis products through Weedsies in order to ensure the protection of minors and that products are not being sold to minors.

How Does Weedsies Verifies User Identities?

Weedsies uses a secure third party verification system that cross checks user’s State Issued ID to verify user’s age in order to purchase CBD, Hemp, or Cannabis products completely online.

How can I access Weedsies?

Weedsies can be accessed by persons in the United States who are over 21 years of age.

Are you over 21 years of age and want to access Weedsies?